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Host a watch Party

Bring your family, friends &/or community together for fun & inspiration

So many of us host parties with families & friends for the World Cup, Super Bowl & other major sporting events. Let's make hosting Tell-A-Thon watch parties as popular as those annual events!


01 Find a location.

  • Select a location that meets the needs of your potential attendees:

  • Your own home

  • Local business (e.g. restaurant, community center, library, bar, etc.)  that would be willing to have some awesome people spend a few hours, while partaking in their food/drinks.

04 Promote the Party.

  • Promote the Party just like you would any other party.

    •  Reminding guests of the date, time, and location.

  • You can also encourage them to bring their friends and family members who are interested in supporting LCIF or just want to know more about your Lion commitment.

02 Decide details.

  • What will you serve?

  • Home - are you going to provide all the food/beverages or ask people to bring a dish or drinks to share?  

  • Business - that serves food - send the menu with the invitation so people will know what is available.

  • How will you broadcast the Tell-A-Thon?

  • Home - make sure that you can broadcast it live to a TV or projector

  • Business - what technology is available? At minumum, you will need a strong wifi connection.   

  • Before the day of the event, make sure and test all the equipment that you will be using to broadcast

05 Prepare for the Party.

As Soon As Possible

  • Register your watch party with Lions Virtual for updates & opportunities

Day of

  • Make sure everything is setup an hour before the event.  It’s a party!!! So, make sure you try and get things you’d want to have on hand for a party!

  • Double check your equipment & connections.

  • Decorate & get ready to welcome your guests.

03 Invite people!!!

People don’t know how awesome Lions can be if we don’t invite them to our stuff and show them all the amazing things Lions do!!


Make sure your invite includes the event details & also the donation link ( today).


There so many ways to do get the word out!

The best part is if people can’t come to your event, they can have a watch party of their own!!

06 Have fun!

Lions Serve.

And have fun doing it! 

It's important that we get the word out to as many as possible about all the great things Lions do! 


Make sure you send out pictures or videos from your watch party to all different forms of social media and tag the Tell-A-Thon in all you do with:




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